Technician Software Developer by the “Cámara Oficial de Comercio e Industria de Madrid”,2000-2002

Advance Mysql manager 2005.

Technical skills

Programming languages
Web languages: Html, Ajax, Javascript, Css.
Programming languages:  Php, Pascal, C/C++, Visual Basic, PL/SQL, Java, Objective-C.

Oracle (High level).
Mysql (Expert), Database design and support.

Adobe Photoshop CS3.
Apache and Php instalations.
Xcode and Interface Builder.

Other Knowledges
Spoken english (Médium level) .Technical and written english (High level).

Profesional Experience

Scrum Master and iPhone/Android developer at Mobivery since February 2010 to present.
Php Developer at Secuoyas Global since February 2008 until February 2010.
Php Developer at Bongiorno Movilisto from February 2006 until February 2008. 

As Iphone Apps developer:

Complete develoments:

Do It Right (iPhone/iPod Touch App)
My Favorite places (iPhone/iPod Touch App).
Unplugged Maps (iPhone/iPod Touch App).
Offline Routes (iPhone/iPod Touch App).
Primera Plana (iPhone/iPod Touch App).

Technologies: Objective-C, Cocoa Touch.
Tools: Xcode, Interface Builder, Photoshop CS3, XML, Sqlite.

As Php developer:

Technologies: Php, Mysql, Javascript with Ajax, Jquery Framework, Integration with video on demand services (Kewego API) and Google API's.